About Us

Throw It In The Cart was launched by the BFF duo of ThriftersAnonymous Edwina Registre & Shana Dahan in the Spring of 2020. Founded from a passion of all things sustainable, up-cycled, & always unique, Edwina & Shana hope to inspire all to #MakeTheirOwnDressCode & #LetThemHaveIt no matter where you go!
Curated by hand & our vision, each item is carefully chosen to be a part of the Throw It In The Cart collection so that each one of you can express who you are by shopping the most unique finds we can get our hands on!
Throw It In The Cart is proud to also support sustainable brands with ethical supply chains, all while offering unique pieces to fit YOU! 

We discovered the most beautiful hand made pieces from African artisans and are so excited to make these piece available to you! From the colors, materials used to make the items to the patterns and attention to detail, we could not wait to get our hands on these items.

You will find items  crafted by different artisans from all over Africa including and not limited to: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. We are working with a company who is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, and a Shared Interest fair trade buyer. 



Faith is all about inspiring others to be their best creative, joyful , happy, giddy and fun loving selves. She loves using art for self expression and to connect with the fullness of life. She uses many different mediums and styles, as she believes that working in a single medium is restrictive to the artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual way. Faith relies on her intuition to guide her, always striving to follow her highest excitement, using art as a catalyst for inner healing and self discovery. She currently has some exciting projects in the works and can’t wait to share them with you all, so stay tuned for more fun products sure to come your way! 

Finally a place where you can get your hands on all of our curated new, vintage & our own designs. We can not wait to see which items you THROW IN THE CART and we know you will be in LOVE!
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